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Coins Factory Script is an online browser platform that is designed to be fully customizable through the administrative panel, start your own web game and earn money.

In this game your users will use silver coins to buy animals, then those animals will produce some product ( for example: bananas ) then, your users can exchange those products for virtual gold that will be used to buy more animals or use them to withdraw for real money (if you enable the option of real money withdrawals).



You can enable/disable the script modules according to your objectives and create the ideal site.

All the translation of the site is in a single file so you can easily change the texts or add a new language.

Making the configuration of a new theme is very easy, to change the animals and products of the game.

With or without real money withdrawals, with or without real money deposits, with or without offerwalls, with or without a referral system, with or without a reserve fund. You decide how to do your project.

You can make a kind of Faucet crypto game, you can make a Get paid to game or you can use all the features, make your own version of rewarded game!

Up to 3 ways of monetary income:

Offerwalls: Pre-integrated with offeroc, offertoro, wannads and bitswall. Offerwalls are task walls that pay you every time one of your users completes a task like viewing an ad or downloading an app. Your users will complete tasks to earn silver coins (which are used to buy animals) and you will earn money for it.

External Banners Ads: From your admin panel you can easily add html/js code in 3 sections (header, footer and sidebar). Use platforms like, or to earn money for impressions/clicks made by your users.

Deposits: If you want, you can enable deposits to sell silver coins (which are used to buy animals). The script is pre-integrated with deposit api via Payeer, Faucetpay, PerfectMoney, Airtm, OfferocPayments.

Reward your users with real money:

Reward sites usually have high web traffic as users feel more motivated to have a financial benefit for their activities within the website. For money withdrawals you can enable manual withdrawals and instant withdrawals.

You can add any payment method for manual withdrawals, in this case you will have to pay the user manually.

Instant withdrawals are withdrawals that are processed automatically when a user makes a real money withdrawal request, the script is pre-integrated with the instant withdrawal api of: FaucetPay, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Crypto Via Binance, Airtm.

Password: demo

Or register a new account

Some features are disabled in the demo

Main features

  • Customizable: Integrating a new theme is extremely simple, whether your game is about parrots or about cows or even about aliens.
  • Affiliate system: A fully configurable affiliate system, reward your users for inviting their friends to play on the website, option to add promotional banners in the affiliate system, bonus for new user registration, commissions for purchases and for tasks completed in the offerwalls. We have integrated several anti-clone account security measures to prevent cheating in the referral system.
  • Multilanguage: The script is integrated with English and Spanish language. You can add as many translations as you want as 90% of the texts are in a single file to make translations easy to add.
  • FAQs and News: Keep your users up to date with the latest game news through the news system and FAQs.
  • Security: We have integrated various anti-hack and anti-cheat security measures, in addition to the measures integrated into the code there are also others that are worth mentionin:
    Google recaptcha antibots for the forms, to avoid the use of the platform via vpn/proxy, option to not allow multiple accounts, the registration of the same withdrawal wallet for more than 1 user is not allowed, the Registration of the same withdrawal wallet for more than 1 user, Registration of new accounts only from email providers approved by the admin. (To avoid creating multiple accounts with email accounts from temporary or junk email providers), Custom key for the execution of cronjobs (to avoid the execution of a cron by a third party), Options to block withdrawals of a user , Option to ban users, In real money withdrawals, each user can make one withdrawal per day, each instant withdrawal method comes with built-in security, Admin can set withdrawal limits for users.
  • Statistics and graphs: From the admin panel are the statistics and graphs that allow you to keep track of income and expenses.
  • Reserve fund: It can be activated and deactivated, the reserve fund takes a percentage established by the admin of each income via offerwall and deposits and adds it to the fund, when users make withdrawals the money is subtracted from this fund, the amount accumulated in the fund reservation is public and users can see it in the sidebar of the site.
  • Mailchimp: The script is pre-integrated with the mailchimp transactional email api. The admin can easily configure the api to start sending the site's emails in a more massive way and with less cost than when using the emails from the hosting provider's server. (email confirmation, password recovery, system notification emails).
  • Maintenance mode: Activate this option when you want to make changes to your site. Maintenance mode does not allow you to register/connect to your site until the option is deactivated by the admin. Users with tester role are allowed to log in. The admin can set tester users from the admin panel.
  • Google Analytics: The admin only has to add the google analytics in the panel and he will be able to analyze the traffic from his google account.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses for users, when registering, when bringing guests, when making a deposit. Configure, activate and deactivate all this from your administration panel.
  • Total user edition: Edit your users from your control panel. See record of deposits, withdrawals, referrals, animals, production, offerwalls. You can ban them, block their real money withdrawals, confirm email, add a manual purchase, add to the white list to avoid anti-cheat system blocks (for example, when you decide to allow a particular user to use vpn).

Other features

  • Deposit APIs via Payeer, FaucetPay, PerfectMoney, Airtm, OfferocPayments
  • Instant Withdrawal APIs via FaucetPay, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Crypto Via Binance, Airtm.
  • Offerwalls APIs via Offeroc, Offertoro, Wannads, Bitswall
  • Easy integration with extra modules to create great things like battles and prizes
  • Fully customizable from the admin panel
  • Responsive so that it can be played from any device
  • Integrated Google ReCaptcha
  • System of daily reminder notifications to users
  • Languages English and Spanish included
  • Installation guide
  • Support team available to answer questions and errors that may be found in the script
  • Add, remove and edit animals and products from the admin panel
  • System to modify and suspend users
  • Basic configuration and advanced configuration in the admin panel
  • Mail confirmation system
  • Administrative system of daily earnings statistics
  • password recovery system


    - PHP 7.4
    - MySQLi
    - To send mails from PHP, the mail() function must be enabled.
    - To automate certain tasks, you need access to Cron (Linux)
    - Ioncube loader has to be enabled by your hosting company to install this product.
    - Note: The script is fully encrypted and requires a domain use license (Given to you when you purchase the script)

    ​Installation instructions in the script documentation​

    License of use: You can install this script in 1 domain, if you want to install it in more than 1 domain you must buy a license for each domain.

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    Coins Factory Game Php Script

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